Terraria – 1.0.4 Server Software Setup

The Duke Nukem background is copyrighted and owned by Gearbox Software and 2K Games. I do not own it, I am simply displaying its awesomeness. How to set up a server with the new server software. Useful links: www.portforward.com Follow me on Twitter! http
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25 Responses to "Terraria – 1.0.4 Server Software Setup"

  1. MrJables23 says:

    speek the fuck up

  2. Zheige says:

    ..so advance.. we need the simple way

  3. loldudev6 says:

    Terraria 1.05 Multiupload Download:
    (remove the dot between “L” and “Y”.)

  4. GamingParty says:

    Keep saying Connecting: (my ip)

  5. FistfulofSoap says:

    i cant find my server ip in the command prompt, please help!

  6. rampart23 says:

    why does it say 1.0.3? when i try to make a new world and then play it with 1.0.4 version of game it says incompatible world.im guessing this is because its v 1.0.3 version of server starter?

  7. TheWolfeking says:

    in a way this stuff helps but in another…not at all :< no matter what i do and who i listen to the closest we EVER get is me sitting in the world waiting for my cousin to sign on and when he does, after LITERALLY 1 second he loses connection :<

  8. kollikick says:

    um can you give us a download link ?

  9. killadude2308 says:

    i dont get the port forwarding part… an someone explain it?
    plz respond!

  10. blabber777 says:

    do you need port froward?

  11. TBDsPs3 says:

    Good Job you really helped me! Thats a SUB 4 U

  12. Maxxor501 says:

    nice Duke Nukem wallpaper

  13. samuelchang30 says:

    Finally it worked! Ty so much dude, i fowarded my port wrong. Now i know which one to foward.

  14. TheSeedCraft says:

    @Hawksmore97 Never had that happen before. Try running it as administrator.

  15. Hawksmore97 says:

    what if the server panel doesn’t come up with anything???

  16. MazterzOfSoundz says:

    @TheSeedCraft Fixed it! :D

  17. TheSeedCraft says:

    @MazterzOfSoundz Add an inbound and outbound action for Terraria.

  18. JDizzle4521 says:

    @MazterzOfSoundz uhm first go to control panel then go to security. after that click windows firewall and there should be an option to turn it off or just allow terraria or something because you can also allow programs

  19. MazterzOfSoundz says:

    @JDizzle4521 Oh.. but how do i do that? usally it pops up but idk. would be awsome if you could send me a message back. peace :)

  20. Jsvkkie says:

    what is exit without saving, everytime i close single player or a multiplayer it saves,
    exit without saving does what?
    the world doesnt change? what about the items taken from it? will it be duplicated?

  21. JDizzle4521 says:

    @MazterzOfSoundz ya that happened to me and a friend. You the server runner has to turn off windows firewall idk why but it worked…

  22. MazterzOfSoundz says:

    Mine dosnt work. I can connect but my friend cant join. ‘It just says Connecting to server but nothing happens

  23. TheSeedCraft says:

    @Minecraftismodded Can your PC handle running a server?

  24. Minecraftismodded says:

    for sme reason the server crashes… after about 2 or 3 minutes of play…

  25. Minecraftismodded says:

    for sme reason the server crashes… after about 2 3 minutes of play…

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