Minecraft – Nuclear Power Station (Part 2 – Completed!)

Might want to grab a drink and some snacks for this one guys….This is a video showing off a original design of a Nuclear Power Plant on the AusCraft Multiplayer server in minecraft. It took a week to build with multiple people lending a hand here and there.. Got any ideas or ways to improve what we have achieved so far? Tell us by leaving a comment below! The Nuclear Power Plant includes, cooling towers, reactors, cooling facility, warehouse storage, train line in and out of the plant and a control console above the entrance building. Video commentary by retn and poontoss. Thanks for watching and if you haven’t already, like this video and subscribe to us!
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25 Responses to "Minecraft – Nuclear Power Station (Part 2 – Completed!)"

  1. KittyCatWoT says:

    Have you added the storage are for the Nuclear Waste and if you need me to help you make anything id help

  2. AusCraftCommunity says:

    @boldziga We aren’t going to release our world files anytime in the near future, no idea what your talking about

  3. boldziga says:

    @jamietsaga its a whole server map, the mp now is 1GB.

  4. RedwingT says:

    actual just put down a row of stairs or stair and put signs on each side

  5. am3ricanc0la says:

    Alcatraz prison would be awesome, and you guys put in so much detail in your builds so it would look really good :0

  6. MrCheatmaster987 says:

    whats ur server

  7. Crazyman101ification says:

    why u use nuclear power instead of fusion

  8. dolsson296 says:

    what texture pack are you guys using?

  9. DjGrimmace says:

    lol “all this is legit” :O thats alot of stuff >.< ive got tons of stuff in one of my worlds but none of it was done legit lolol

  10. juliee77lee says:

    the dump could actually push pistons pressing everything againsyt obsidian making the uranium go away

  11. malcomrox1997 says:

    @thesnakey1997 oi oi oi

  12. aman111501 says:

    Just install industrial craft make a real nuclear power plant that works

  13. StarWurstFan says:

    what texturepack is this

  14. 007super6 says:

    How did you get that picture at the end showing your ”world”?

  15. krounos1 says:

    you should put lava in towers

  16. TheSniperno1 says:

    do i have to install this to the server??

  17. SuperRammstein6666 says:

    man give map this please

  18. thesnakey1997 says:

    aussie aussie aussie

  19. Themenwhowin says:

    In the reactors put lava in it if you can it might work and to cool it down put water conection to it and have with a lever to open and close the water systems

  20. jakemichie97 says:

    @tompolokcruise not if ur using 1.7.2

  21. juliee77lee says:

    @AusCraftCommunity it is called netherrack not netherstone. but i think u got everything else right….

  22. tompolokcruise says:

    this is going to have a nuclear meltdown soon because THERE IS NO COOLING?

  23. tompolokcruise says:

    @juliee77lee just download the industrial craft mod!!!

  24. juliee77lee says:

    @jakemichie97 Yes a power plant that does not produce electricity is use less so Notch should make COPPER wire and magnets and carry away the current with a conductive thing (metal or redstone) and use it

  25. juliee77lee says:

    wheres the generator?!!

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