AQW Private Server (JunKQuestWorlds) NEW 2011

link to game: U WILL SEE IT IN HAM SERVERS UNLESS U ARE A RETA 1200+ registered users…. nice items…. easy exp n gold…. join now! Have fun :) Join our hamachi servers at: JunkQuestWorlds JunkQuestWorlds2 …….. till JunkQuestWorlds18 there can be 255 members per ham server. Pass:123

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50 Responses to "AQW Private Server (JunKQuestWorlds) NEW 2011"

  1. TrollOnEntertainment says:

    For the best private servers visit my channel, we have the BattleOn Portal (TrollOn Portal) and a server for AQW, HS, AQ, DF, MQ, ED, WF and ZW. All with custom releases every Friday, much more fun than the AQW releases.

  2. 111erikas says:

    How to play?

  3. wiredboyruler says:


  4. CPNINJA2082 says:

    sg i need the sign up link its work on hamachi i dont know what to do

  5. mikie3445 says:

    can i plz have the link im a retard

  6. derinofm says:

    They dont send the link

  7. YavafaBiebs says:


  8. TheViper4ever says:

    @sg45277 hey..i dont know hot to join the game..i join hamachi network as JunkQuestWorlds18…i sing up…than i sing in my acount and now..i dont know how to join the game..if you can help me reply P.S srry for my very bad english

  9. Blackwave3000 says:

    how do you sign up?????

  10. xRicard15 says:

    you really a idiot or not? dont put the link on description! AE can shutdown it and ban u from aqworlds

  11. dann1996ify says:

    joined hamachi and still cant play? send message to me when any1 knows why :S maybe server off ?

  12. WolfSlayerz9 says:

    @danyfan9 Omg it is a porn site. but the is not

  13. WolfSlayerz9 says:

    Nice Junk

  14. Blaze380 says:

    Dude when I click play now it sends me to this download music thingy

  15. BaRnEyAzZ says:

    Hey how i do i join

  16. Bobetz1999 says:

    Dear Junk,
    Restart the server
    rofl xD

  17. musicboy736 says:

    can you tell me where is register for the game and not forum?

  18. ipodmasterist says:

    @AQWPlayerCoolerz i went there it takes forever to load actully i suggest for this guy to fix the servers to load faster

  19. AQWPlayerCoolerz says:

    How do you start to plaay i joined the network but i don’t know how to even get the website! Please help!_! :(

  20. sg45277 says:

    @danyfan9 NO IT DOESNT LOL WTF

  21. danyfan9 says:

    it goes to free porn site!?

  22. ipodmasterist says:

    but wont load completly

  23. ipodmasterist says:


  24. AQWorldsOthman25 says:

    It doesn’t work for me lol

  25. SaSxStealth says:

    can u take the prowfile from private server online

  26. denyfox69 says:

    pes6 ma va a cagare per non dire ma va a laggare… io per fortuna o un ottima connessione e fa schiffo lo stesso

  27. CooLgaru says:


    Sei tu che c’hai una connessione a farfalle impostata per scaricare il porno.

  28. Jugurtha88 says:

    some one can give me the online patch plz ???

  29. MrJools22 says:

    i take it this video was made when the admin team cared about the server – the error during verification bug just proves how much you’ve lost touch. change hosting server back ffs

  30. denyfox69 says:

    pes6 fa sempre schiffo online lagga di merdaaaaaaaaa !! 0 voto

  31. olebole12 says:

    how to join the server maaaaan

  32. coldpllay says:

    what is the code pls send it to me too …..

  33. manosby15 says:

    is that works on W7 ?

  34. zorro1madrid says:


  35. islemjskTheOne says:

    Pesj is Dead !???? it’s not accecible !!

  36. nanoportales86 says:

    pes6j is dead :(

  37. MrMino503 says:

    i really really really need to play an online football game ive a cracked version of pes6 and a poor graphic card so it’s the only chance!!!

  38. Pstryk1996 says:

    Lancast jaka to piosenka :)

  39. l23bjcc says:

    yeahhhh! pes 6 4ever!

  40. nafetss89 says:

    go on pes6j site and u can register there and join us!

  41. KennyDier says:

    Why not activate my account? Is there any problem with the page?

    Help please

  42. jinzpes says:

    yeah nice stuff mate, it’s jinz here on Pes6J dropping a comment. XD :)

  43. casperld says:

    Whats the password?

  44. Badameco10 says:

    xD Kai you can send too me the code ?!? I want play pes6 online!

  45. yasslimz says:

    How often do beta open signups come up, is it roughly every month, week, year etc. really want to join but dont know how regularly to check.

  46. LancastX says:

    they work, but who is goin to use it? no one…if someone uses it , will get banned

  47. Mariuszz21 says:

    One question, How about magic deco and autogoal. Last days of pes6 (konami) servers was a lot of this shit, do you fixed this? Or still noobz were use this?

  48. CooLgaru says:

    -Kai- the best.

  49. LancastX says:

    when csi releases flying pigs

  50. Kevinalonsomoreda says:

    when will be the server open for all ?

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